What is an ATM?

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What is an ATM
The automatic teller machine is a highly sophisticated mechatronics device that uses magnetic code cards or smart cards to achieve self-service financial transactions, replacing the work of bank counter staff.
It allows customers to perform bank counter services such as withdrawals, deposits, and transfers through machines.
With the introduction of chip financial cards, many banks have combined the functions of the network to allow users to use their own chip card readers to conduct "transfer", "check balance" and other non-deposit, The transaction action of withdrawing cash.
With the development of the mobile Internet, most banks have launched mobile terminal applications to directly conduct bank transfers through mobile applications, and ATM teller machines have gradually retreated to the second line.
Generally, ATMs in China can only deposit and withdraw 100 RMB. According to reports, banks have added the function of taking multi-denomination banknotes on self-service devices. You can choose from three types of coupons: RMB 10, RMB 50, and RMB 100.
In June 2021, ICBC and Agricultural Bank of China took the lead in launching the exchange function of ATM digital renminbi and cash in Beijing area.

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