The self-driving car drove into the AI practice class of Dell Technology Group at Fudan University.

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Liu Wei, global vice president and general manager of China R&D Group, Dell Technology Group, said, "The development of artificial intelligence is an important construction area of the national 'new infrastructure' strategy, and it is also a technology that the industry, academia and research circles are paying great attention to.Talent is still the most important factor in the innovation and development of any technology. The development of artificial intelligence needs a large number of compound talents, which we call "GH square talents", namely Good Head and Good Hand.
This course development is an innovative teaching attempt of strong alliance and complementary advantages between schools and enterprises.With Fudan's world-class teaching resources and Dell's application scenarios and engineering experience as a leading high-tech enterprise in the field of IT infrastructure, we will jointly cultivate outstanding talents for the national digital construction."
The AI Practice Course of Dell Technology Group is a high-quality AI course jointly developed by many technical and industry experts of the Group, combined with the teaching experience of Fudan University.This course is also the first of its kind in China to be taught offline in colleges and universities. Compared with traditional information-based courses in colleges and universities, it has several advantages:
❶ Students hold more than 50% hands-on manipulation, which is carried out in a scenario-based and game-based manner.From seven modules of car viewing, car building, car driving, car writing, car calculation, car playing and car talking, it combines theoretical knowledge of AI, machine learning and autonomous driving with practical application, and takes autonomous driving car as the carrier to create an immersive teaching class for students.
❷ course is focused on the AI technology, guide students through the course of the project, to form the solid exercise stimulate interest, interest drive theory, the theory instruction homework, homework mapping industry, the development of industry in field "full closed-loop learning, help AI teaching, help AI beginners quickly master the key knowledge, improve programming thinking, and flexible use.
❸ Dell provides interactive teaching platform for the course, including courseware with detailed operation steps, rich courseware resources, infiltration of industry applications, and Dell's R&D team and industry experts to teach the course by hand

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