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The debit card deposit is defined as one that does not have a definite term, which is based on the current passbook account opened in the bank. It can't be overdrafted. With one current passbook, only one debit card can be opened. You can apply for the debit card without any guarantee. The functions of the card includes deposit or , account transferring between the cards, inquiry of remaining amount, modification of password and consumption on the POS, etc. The cardholder can report loss, freeze, cancel the report of loss, cancel the freeze of the debit card. All these don't influence the use of the basic account.

Automatic banking of savings deposits is a method of banking service that a client having a deposit account will make deposits or withdrawals against a debit card or the passbook in any banking outletsall over the country. Nationwide different-areas automatic banking of local and foreign currency current and time deposits has been realized.

In the meantime, the NIC-NAP network of the Bank enables clients to realize consumption and cash withdrawal by using electronic debit cards through the ATMs and EDCs of the bank in the whole country.

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