Post-epidemic Era

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After the outbreak

New infrastructure opens up a new journey for education
Education is the foundation of building a country, and also the foundation of realizing the national strategic goal of "rejuvenating the country through science and education" and "strengthening the country through human resources".The CPC Central Committee and the State Council issued China's Education Modernization 2035 in 2019, which takes accelerating education reform as a strategic task.During the 14th Five-Year Plan period, it is proposed to realize the innovative development of education through the deep integration of digital technology and education.

In the new infrastructure and post-epidemic era, technological innovation has become a key variable in the education sector.With the rapid application of new infrastructure technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence, industrial Internet and Internet of Things, the revolutionary impact of information technology on education is becoming increasingly obvious, including:

Boundless learning space

During the epidemic, defining the physical boundaries of learning as "physical campuses" has become a major impediment to the development of the education industry.Effective learning can be achieved in classrooms, on campus, at home, outdoors, museums, face to face or at a distance, as long as students are willing to do so.
Therefore, the learning space of students in the future will be a trend without boundaries.The realization of all this requires digital technologies, such as 5G, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, etc., to integrate with the physical learning space, and to create a seamless learning experience through the digitalization of learning behaviors.

Dell Technologies' self-driving car recently drove into Fudan University and Tsinghua University, giving students a journey of artificial intelligence (AI) exploration. Among them, the excellent AI course jointly cooperated by Dell Technology and Fudan University takes the autonomous driving car as the carrier and creates an immersive teaching experience for college students through scene concept learning, so as to accelerate the development of industry, education and research, and jointly lay a talent base for the national digital construction.
This self-driving car project is independently developed by Dell Technology Group, which brings together Dell's technical accumulation and rich experience in AI, big data and other fields. At present, Dell, with its rich products and solutions, industry-leading technical architecture and strong strength in information and image analysis and processing, is providing the infrastructure platform for about 80% of the world's autonomous driving vehicle enterprises.

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