Parts & Module Refurbishment

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All parts and modules undergo an extensive refurbishment, testing and staging process that includes numerous steps. Some of these basic steps include parts verification that includes a check to see if all modules received only consist of genuine unaltered parts and components. All parts and modules subject to the Yirongtong refurbishment process are disassembled into core subassemblies. Once sub assembled, all components will go through various cleaning processes. Once all parts exposed to wear and tear have been replaced, the modules are re-assembled, re-greased if applicable and finally, tested. Please note that wear and tear items include but are not limited to belts, gears, bearings, heads, rollers, etc.

We maintain a zero-tolerance for product failure of new, refurbished and remanufactured equipment. Before leaving our facility, all parts and modules will be tested, recounted and be inspected by our quality control department. Yirongtong uses its own in-house paint facility, any and all parts needing a cosmetic touch up or full overhaul will be painted as per customer specifications.

Yirongtong works with QIT log protocols (Qualified ISO Tested Protocols) for refurbishment of modules, where each technician is documenting which spare parts were changed or repaired for each particular module. This document is provided upon requested so our customers can compare our quality of spare parts amongst other providers. We have set the industry standard.

Yi rong tong provides up to 6 month limited warranty on most new, refurbished and repaired parts.

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