Introduction to the structure types of ATM machines

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ATM machine safety protection equipment mainly refers to the peripheral configuration of ATM machines such as ATM protective cover, ATM protective pavilion, and ATM protective cabin. As a high-end ATM protection product, independent self-service silver kiosks are gradually gaining attention from the market. The independent operation of Yinting also allows it to enter communities, schools, squares and other densely populated places, bringing a lot of convenience to people's production and life.

ATM machines can be divided into outdoor ATM machines, indoor ATM machines and independent ATM machines according to their installation positions. Indoor: According to the use of ATM machines, indoor ATM machines can be divided into two types: lobby type and wall-through type. Outdoor: According to the requirements of safety performance, there are semi-enclosed and fully-enclosed ATM protection pavilions for outdoor ATM machines. The fully-enclosed ATM can be further divided into square and round according to the appearance and shape. The square is generally called outdoor ATM protective pavilion, and the round is generally called ATM protective cabin.

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