How to use your money ?

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First tips:how to arrange your money reasonable.
Tips: income for housing and other investments 40%, 30% living expenses, 20% deposit, 10% insurance.
Use law 4321 to distribute family property reasonably. The total income of a family can be divided into four parts, of which 40 percent is used for housing and other investment projects, 30 percent for family living expenses, 20 percent for bank deposits for a rainy day, and 10 percent for insurance. According to this income distribution scale model, property resources can be allocated reasonably and stable family financial management can be realized.
For example, your domestic monthly income is 20 thousand yuan, domestic total insurance premium does not exceed 2000 yuan, offer a room or other securities investment to total rise does not exceed 8000 yuan, living expense is controlled in 6000 yuan or so, want to ensure the emergency fund that has 4000 yuan.
Of course, this is only a rough model of income distribution, and the exact distribution of different households will vary according to their risk appetite, near-term goals, and quality of  life Settings, but the law serves to provide the most basic basis.

Should I buy insurance? How much is appropriate?
Financial management tips two: how reasonable allocation of insurance amount.
Gist: insurance appropriate amount should be annual income 10 times, insurance premium expenditure appropriate proportion should be annual income 10%.
The white-collar personage of 100 thousand yuan of an annual income, also be a advocate at the same time, so his life insurance guarantees total amount to be in simple limit of 1 million yuan below, capable buy full quota of this 1 million yuan, without ability can halve (the spouse also has the word of equivalent income), not at ease can be bought 70%.
For a family with an annual income of 150,000 yuan, it is advisable to control the annual expenditure of all family members on life insurance premiums at 8% to 10%. If more is used, the expenditure pressure will increase and other consumption and investment will be affected. If too little is used, it will not be able to meet enough security needs.

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